Let not Chivalry be dead! Listen up, you GENTLEMEN! A woman will not be able to forget you if you do these things when you are taking her out for a date!

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Let not Chivalry be dead! Listen up, you GENTLEMEN! A woman will not be able to forget you if you do these things when you are taking her out for a date!

Let’s accept the fact! Though the 21st century’s woman is independent, her heart still melts with those small gestures of kindness shown by her man. Chivalry today is and has always been all about politeness and courtesy and there is nothing wrong with a man who chooses to be chivalrous around his woman. Chivalry is not a synonym for being old-fashioned, for a matter of fact doing chivalrous acts make you a thorough gentleman, someone who women get attracted to. You obviously do not want to disappoint a woman who considers you like a knight in the shining armor but show no acts of benevolence. Here are few things you can do which make you unforgettable by a women you are in a relationship with…

  1. Opening the car door!

This is rather an act all of us are acquainted with, have appreciated it, have found it very well-mannered and nonetheless don’t do it. Well, it is the naivest signal to show a woman that you care for her. These days men have either conveniently overlooked this act or don’t find it essential to do. Maybe when a duo is out for a date, least a man could do is open the door while getting into the car. Usually upon arrival, women do step out themselves out of their choice. But surely when it is pouring or it’s a cold winter day, please step out and open the door for her.

2) Holding the doors

It’s not just the car door, but hold the door for your lady to walk in or out. It’s not that she’s weak to open doors but it is a very gentlemanly gesture to do so. Remember, there are times when you may have to open the door and lead the lady, make sure you are holding her hand while walking her out.

3) Let her place the order…

This is something subconsciously a man may forget to do. Please…please ask your woman about her preference and what she wants to eat. Most women find it very cheeky if you go ahead and order for her without asking her choice. But if you do ask her, you are just being very courteous. If she wants to go by your choice, then certainly go ahead but definitely without judging her.

4) The romantic walks!

We all love the romantic walks with our significant other. Tell the lady to be on the inner side when you’re going for a stroll with her. You could gently put your arm around her love handles if you see someone is just about to bump into her. She will not be able to oversee your thoughtfulness.

5) Sharing is caring!

We learned these words as little kids. How true the meaning holds here…! When it’s about food, let her have enough share. When it’s cold, offer your jacket. When it’s raining hold the umbrella over her even if it means you are getting wet. These are some of the gestures that will make a woman fall for you instantly.

6) Pick your date up!

Whenever possible, always pick her up and drop her back. This will show a lady that you are concerned about her well being. Come on…and it is definitely what you anyway want to do.

7) Make that call!

It is very important that you call the lady especially when you have told her that you will call. Women really don’t appreciate the loose statements you may make. They are very carefully listening to what you are saying and will look forward to it. When you have not been able to answer her calls, make sure to return the call.

8) Carry those bags…

Surely one of the most touching deeds you could do for a woman is to carry the bags for her. It could be the shopping bag or travel luggage. This surely makes a woman go gaga over you. After all, you are just being a true gentleman.

9) Bring her the bed-tea

Waking your lady up to her cup of coffee or tea is not a bad idea for a lazy morning date. She will be excited to see you already up before her, brewing up some coffee for her while she was still asleep and waking her up to this sweet surprise. She will not be able to stop blushing.

10) Take interest in her interests

Men usually have a lot to talk about themselves, their work and their preferences. But a thorough gentleman would certainly take interest in knowing what interests his lady as well. Women generally are out off by men who are only so full of themselves.

11) Gift her flowers

This one goes without saying. It melts a woman’s heart when you surprise her with flowers. And it does not have to be on Valentine’s Day which may make you look clichéd. A woman may be thrilled to receive flowers from you when she’s least expecting it.


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