Ever wondered if you are wearing the right lip shade with your outfit?

red, lipstick, white dress
Ever wondered if you are wearing the right lip shade with your outfit?

Here are the most basic tips to follow and you will never go wrong while pouting for your selfies!

So you are ready to go out but checking if your lip color goes well with what you are wearing. Often times it is very puzzling for women to choose the right lip color. To look great, it is important that you wear good make up and choosing the lip color is the most important part to finish your entire look. It also gets tricky to choose lip shade for Indian skin. And of course we want to choose the best lipstick shades from our favorite brands like Mac, Lakme, Maybelline, Loreal. Here are simple tips that you could follow and choose any lip color be it matte or liquid!

Let’s start with white , black and grey colored outfits

Since these are neutral color outfits, practically any lip color goes well with them. You can wear shades of red, brown, pink, wine, purple if you like the lip color and you think it goes well with your skin tone, you can certainly go for it. You don’t really have to think when you wear these white, black or grey outfits. Nude shades go well too, anytime!

Blue outfit

The safest lip color you can wear with blue outfits id any shade of pink. Pink really goes well with blue and compliments your attire very well. You can also try red lip color with blue for the evening look.

Pink Outfit

Pink with pink never goes wrong and never looks bad. So if you love the color pink, you can stock up as many different shades of pink. You can also try nude lips with pink outfits for that subtle look.

Yellow Outfit

This is one of the riskiest one to decide, what lip color goes well with the yellow outfit which is part of the wardrobe for almost every woman on earth. The safest choice you can make with yellow outfit is any shade of pink. It really goes very well with yellow. You could also try nude lips with yellow, or even orange if you want to stand out in the evening party!

Green Outfit

It is best to wear nude shades with green outfits, it just gives you a very classy look. You could also try other shades, some shades of pink also go well with green. Though red lip color goes well with almost all outfits, it could be avoided with a green outfit.

Gold outfits

This is one of the most worn color at functions and parties. The best lip color that you could wear with Gold is dark red to give you that classy look. You could also try other dark colors like burgundy or shades of wine colors with golden outfits. You would never go wrong!

Purple Outfits

There are very few lip colors that go with purple, it is best to have a matching shade with purple as it compliments your entire look. A few shades of pink too go well with purple. Or to be safe, just go for nude lips.

Orange Outfits

Again orange is one color, which every women would have in her wardrobe. The best lip colors that go with orange are nude shades. They give a very sophisticated appearance to your overall look. You could also try a shade of peach with orange outfit.

Everyone’s favorite – Red Outfit

Red on Red is like 10 on 10, you can never go wrong with it. But always remember, if you are going for loud eye makeup with any of your outfits, you have to tone down your lip shade. You can go for nude lip colors even with red outfits. And go eye-flirting instead of pout posing them!!!

Try these colors out with your outfits and surely you will feel more confident about your look and more importantly for your pout selfie!


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