Hairstyles that will help take ages off your face and will make you look younger

Hairstyles that will help take ages off your face
hairstyles that’ll help take ages off your face

Who doesn’t like to flaunt a happy healthy hairstyle? The idea is to look chic, elegant, feminine, youthful, and fun follow us to get an insight into what kind of styles you can choose keeping in mind some factors which can help you feel younger and at the same time be fun. We have written here about 6 most popular hairstyles that will make you look younger and take off ages from your face!

1) Bangs

Can be great for any age group and all hair types as they are the most flattering and work well with all face shapes. For oval-shaped faces, bangs can help break the length and this hairstyle is ageless to surely give your face a youthful appearance. Bangs can help  beautifully highlight your eyes, of course if that’s one of your sharp features. And if you get bored with them, you can simply grow them out. So next time ladies you want to try on something new, try out bangs, its one of those hairstyles that will make you look younger and pretty.

2) Pixie

For those who want a ‘notice me’ look, this is the style you need to go for. This cut can be edgy, can be done with or without bangs, and can be kept long or short according to your choice. A lot of older women are going for this trend as a pixie cut goes well with a lot of hair colors, be it natural grey or colored. There’s something very sexy and feminine about showing off your neck which gets highlighted in this cut. So try out our second most recommended one among hairstyles that will make your look younger.

3) Braids

If you think that braids are only for young girls, then you are thinking wrong. It can be pulled off by women of all age groups. A Braid across the crown of your head or side-swept with messy ends can look youthful and charming. You can add a fun element to them by using hair accessories along. Braids can be done for all occasions and side braids work well for a formal work look too! So go ahead… braid’em up.

4) Bob

This look is all about being cool and casual. It elongates your face and neck and works best for those who have round faces. It enhances the cheekbone. Can be styled with a side parting too, goes well for those who have squarish faces and looks extremely trendy and young.  A long bob or a lob as it’s also called works best for oval faces. If your hair is blown dry at the back for a voluminous look, you could enhance your bob by turning your hair inwards at the ends on the front side for a chic feminine look.

5) Half bun

Simple but so edgy. A half bun creates a fun look. You can gel your crown section for a cleaner look for a night out or just leave them a little messy. The best way to tie it is by grabbing a few strands here and there into a voluminous bun. For those who have thin hair, You could curl them a little before tying up to give a fuller look. This hairdo goes well with all kinds of attire too. So when you can’t choose between leaving your tresses open or tied, go with the half bun look and make it simple yet fun. Try out this experiment next time and you will be surely in for some pleasant surprise with this hairstyle.

6) Mid-length with curls

Who doesn’t love nice long tresses? If done well with curls and good bounce on the crown, it can be styled with side parts, bouncy curls, or tight towards the ends to give you that oomph factor. This look can be flawless with light makeup or edgy if that’s the need of the day!         You can also style your length with layers if curls are not your thing. Since you are sporting a good length, you could go in for highlights which add a youthful glow. Just remember to choose your highlights wisely according to your skin tone. But if you are feeling bold and want something edgy then reds and blues have been trending for some time now. This was our 6th recommendation on hairstyles that will make you look younger. But we are working more to add more trending hairstyles to our list.

Your turn now

Hope this article on Hairstyles that will make you look younger helped you in deciding your next hairstyle and how to change your look to feel elegant, young, and beautiful as you always will be! Stay tuned for more updates on new trending styles and don’t forget to visit our Facebook page Sensys or group She is Sensys for lot of interesting things. ❣️


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