Is Permanent Make Up Worth It? Imagine waking up and not having to do your make up everyday!

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The use of colors to enhance one’s features has been in fashion since ancient times. Natural colors were used those times to define features and create tattoos.These days, the permanent makeup trend is creating waves so lets know more about it here.

What Is Permanent Make Up

This is a technique in which colored pigment is deposited in the deeper layers of the skin to produce the effect of makeup. This technique can be used to create defined eyebrows, mimic eyeliner, create a lip outline, lip color, give the cheeks a pink blush, and to even create a beauty spot.

Which One Should I Try

Out of different kinds, permanent make up for lips and permanent make up for eyebrows are the most popular ones. However in this article I would like to mention in details about permanent make up of eyebrows. But ladies don’t forget to keep an eye out for my next article on permanent make up for lips which should be coming over very soon. Alright, so there are different types of eyebrows and the fashion vary in different parts of the world. Lets look and read through the most popular ones.

Feathered brows

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In the U.S. and Western Europe, eyebrows that have a brushed up, natural look are popular. This is achieved with a technique called microblading, where feather stroke brows are created.

Bold and Angular

In the middle East, Eastern Europe, bold and angular brows are popular. These provide a dramatic frame to the face. This permanent make up can be achieved with a technique called ‘powder brows, using a special tattoo device.


The straight brow is the go to shape preferred by Korean women, as a straight brow look is considered youthful. The thickness of the brow remains about the same from end to end and it tapers at the tail.

The Natural Look

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The Indian eyebrow tends to be a natural look and most women want their natural arched eyebrow shape to be enhanced and made dense. Combination brows that mix microblading and powder brows are the most popular with Indian women, and the best part is that they stay looking fresh and perfect for well over two years. Imagine waking up and not having to do your make up everyday! Now that’s bliss

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