10 Korean Skin Care Secrets You Need To Know!

10 Korean skin care secrets
10 Korean skin care secrets that you need to know

Have you noticed the flawless and smooth skin of Korean women? They look far more younger and refreshing than an average Asian girl. What are the secrets of their ageless beauty? Are these only genes that play the role? Nope. They take skincare very seriously and have their secrets which make them look flawless. Today Sensys will share 10 Korean skin care secrets which are the actual reason for their timeless beauty.

1. Lemon

Cut a lemon into two pieces, extract the juice fully and apply it to your skin. The citric acid of lemon has exfoliating properties which eventually removes the excess oil and dirt from your skin. It also helps you to fight with pigmentation and removes dead skin which improves skin elasticity. Rated top priority in our list of Korean skin care secrets that you need to try if you haven’t already.

2. Sea Salt

Mix one teaspoon of sea salt with one glass of warm water to make a salt facial tonic. Dip cotton pads in this tonic and gently rub on your skin. This will remove blackheads. Salt works as a disinfectant to your skin.

3. Soy Milk

Apply soy milk to your skin with a gauze pad and leave it for 15 mins then wash your face with cold water. Soy milk will nourish your skin and it will normalize the functioning of sebaceous glands. Must try out of our list of Korean skin care secrets.

4. Shaving Foam

Shaving foam is a readily available product in every home. Massage a minimal quantity of shaving foam to your face with your fingertips. It will heal periodical facial eruptions as it has antiseptic properties.

5. Hot Towel Massage:

Soak a soft cotton towel in hot water and gently massage your face with it for 10-15 mins. It will help your skin breathe and increases blood circulation as well. Can’t miss this one though from our list of Korean skin care secrets.

6. Barley Tea

Drinking barley tea will enhance your skin and overall well being. It is full of anti-oxidants which will improve blood circulation.

7. Charcoal Sheet face Mask

Sheet masks are common in South Korea. Let a charcoal sheet sit on your face and keep it for at least 15 minutes. It will detox your skin and give it a fresh look. That’s one of our prime recommendation from the list of Korean skin care secrets. You can check out some options of best charcoal sheet face mask in this link.

8. Facial Essence

First cleanse your skin properly and then apply a facial essence. The next step is to add a serum and then apply a good moisturizer. Essences are full of skin nutrients that will hydrate your skin.

9. Sleeping Mask

Apply an intensive sleeping mask to your face to avoid skin dullness in the next morning. It will hyper-moisturize your skin and when you wake up the next day all the wear and tear will vanish.

10. Steam Massage

Like manicure, get a steam facial massage starting on forehead, then cheekbones and up to the jaws and cheeks. It will increase blood circulation and helps your skin to create a dewy complexion.


These are believed to be the most popular Korean skin care secrets and treatments which they use, to look at least 10-15 years younger. Even Korean men also believe in these hacks to look impeccable. These are easy and can be used in our daily life. So now that we have told you these Korean secrets share this article with your friends and try it out yourselves and let us know how good they are.


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